About Us

Huon Valley Works is a project of Geeveston Community Centre

Huon Valley Works – Community Employment Hub is the brainchild of Michael Higgins and Chris Devenish (pictured below) from the Geeveston Community Centre, known locally as GeCo. Michael and Chris identified a need within the community of Geeveston, and the Huon Valley as whole, for local, sustainable employment and training opportunities for the community. With a multitude of geographically unique barriers facing many community members preventing them from gaining and holding employment; and the only agencies providing job seeker assistance being government organisations or private contractors, the answer for Michael and Chris was clear – a Huon Valley service, run by members of the Huon Valley community, for those within the Huon Valley community.

Chris Devenish (left) and Michael Higgins (right)

Huon Valley Works, unlike traditional jobseeker agencies, promotes itself as a community employment hub, meaning that it takes responsibility for hiring out local community jobseekers to local community employers, therefore taking a lot of the onus off the employer. Paying of all job-seeker/employee wages is the sole responsibility of Huon Valley Works, and employers will merely receive an invoice from Huon Valley Works for providing this service.

We are passionate about getting people working.

We are based in the Huon Valley and can assist with all your job/staff searches. We run work readiness and transition to employment programs tailored to the industries and opportunities in the valley. We can also offer access to the National Work Experience Programme if you would like to showcase your skills or host a placement.

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Ph: 0417 767 815 or Email: admin@huonvalleyworks.com