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Huon Valley Works can arrange a Work Experience Placement for you to trial a potential staff member.

What kind of activities can I offer job seekers on a National Work Experience Programme placement?

A job seeker participating in a National Work Experience Programme placement can do many of the tasks you might expect a paid employee to do.

We will work with you to determine the role and tasks appropriate for a job seeker completing their placement.

What does being a host involve?

To assist a job seeker to gain real work-like experience your role will involve:

  • providing a work experience placement for up to four weeks
  • providing supervision, on-the-job training and monitoring attendance, and
  • ensuring that the placement meets all relevant work health and safety requirements.

You will also need to confirm there is the potential for paid employment following the completion of the placement. However, there is no obligation for you to hire a job seeker following the placement if they do not meet your business needs.

Job seekers continue to receive income support and assistance from their jobactive provider during their National Work Experience Programme placement.

Will the placement be covered under the Fair Work Act?

Job seekers on income support will undertake National Work Experience Programme placements as an Approved Programme of Work under Social Security Legislation. This means that, for the purposes of the Fair Work Act 2009, a job seeker is not an employee while undertaking a placement in your organisation.

Will the placement be covered for insurance?

As job seekers are not employees they are not be eligible for workers compensation.

The Australian Government Department of Employment purchases personal accident insurance and public and/or product liability insurance to cover job seekers while they undertake their placements, including travelling to and from your organisation.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to become a host.